• 2007-09 Jaguar XKR High-Flow Catalytic 200-Cell Race Converter System

    $1,850.00 $1,550.00

    Improve Performance & Sound of Your Jaguar XKR.
    Get high-performance and sound for your Jaguar 2007 - 2009 XKR by replacing the restrictive 600 cell Catalyst for a 200 cell or 300 cell FrickenFast High-Flow Catalytic system. Increase your horsepower, torque and throttle response by combining this with an upgraded mid-pipe and tune. FrickenFast’s complete catalyst system will give your Jaguar a ferociously wild and deep performance tone. This system was specifically developed for the Jaguar owners looking for a deep muscle and exotic sound. FrickenFast Catalyst system bolts on right in place of your stock catalyst system with ease. These high-flow 200 Cell catalyst reduce back pressure substantially and increase flow rates allowing the engine to exhale more easily.  To see the true benefit we recommend upgrading your factory mid-pipe to the XKR-S style X-pipe and adjusting your tune, to accommodate the higher flowing system. 

    Kit Details:
    • High-Quality Construction 
    • ½ the weight of the factory system  (10 lbs vs 20 lbs)
    • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Tubing with brushed finish
    • Nicely Tig-welded
    • Pipes purged properly during the welding process for smooth surfaces internally. 
    • High-Flow Cats (200 Cell) Spun Metallic Catalyst
    • 49 State & Canada Emission compliant. 
    • (*A 300 Cell High-Flow More Cali-Friendly Catalyst is optional with similar flow rates) This particular catalyst helps eliminate any concern with catalyst efficiency "Check engine lights"
    • Direct factory replacement with no modification to mid-pipe.
    • All Necessary Hardware & Instructions
    • Unlike multi-piece cats with ceramic cores, this cat will never leak or crumble. 

    *This system bolts in easily with the use of two jack stands and 45 mins of your time*

    MagnaFlow 200 Cell Catalyst Details:

    These 200 Cell universal spun metallic substrate stainless catalytic converters utilize a revolutionary new catalyst technology. Using new manufacturing technology, these units are fabricated from a single CNC-formed and laser-welded tubular section, which is then spun into a round converter body shape. The universal spun catalytic converters are literally manufactured around the catalyst, which is securely tucked inside and necks down to thicker-gauge material at the inlet/outlet for maximum durability. 

    Gesi 300 Cell Catalyst Details:

    A "Check Engine" light P0420/P0430 codes are one of those dashboard light alerts that is eliminated with the GESI Ultra high output Converter.  When running a high-flowing catalytic converters, it is a common issue for the rear O2 to signal a These cats feature a high quality core , eliminate fuel fumes and greatly reducing emissions. The unique end-cap is designed to lock the substrate so it can't rattle around. GESI converters are ideal for forced induction applications, with no loss of horsepower. These units keep the EPA happy while still giving you an enhanced performance over the stock converters. 

    *We Highly recommended having a "Verified" ECM specialist calibrate your tune for optimal performance*

    *These units are fabricated per order for each customer based upon specifications.  Please alloy 2-3 weeks fab time.  If ceramic coating we expect an additional week since we outsource to Calico Coatings for their high quality ceramic coating capabilities.